Darryl Patterson, Principal Designer

It is with great pride that I introduce three new collections for Spring 2013: the Zen, the Edge and the Slant. These collections are more 'playful' than our Fall 2012 release, but still true to our quality craftsmanship and design philosophy—simple, elegant lines that frame the inherent beauty of the wood grain. 

All cutting boards/serving trays are handmade in Baltimore, MD from solid American black walnut and West African wenge. Each exhibits unique character and grain pattern, and is treated seven days with a special oil/wax blend that produces a durable surface with a rich, warm patina. Whichever becomes your board of choice, we wish you many years of use and enjoyment!

All boards come with a limited, lifetime warranty and can be returned for resurfacing free of charge!

For proper use guidelines and care instructions, click here.

This year’s sale features designs from 2013 to 2019 that will be discontinued in 2022.  All items are marked 50 to 80% off regular retail.  Hope you find something you like.

Happy holidays!

Middle Kingdom wares are inspired by a long and distinguished history of design and craftsmanship in Chinese porcelain, but we contribute a fresh and invigorating style to the genre. Bo Jia and Alison Alten established the Middle Kingdom kiln in 1998 to revive and broaden Chinese porcelain traditions for a modern audience. New works of imperial caliber are now available for everyone.

Middle Kingdom’s highly trained artisans work at a modern facility designed in the regional style near the site of the imperial kilns. The apprenticeship tradition established in antiquity lives on at Middle Kingdom, in much the same way it has for hundreds of years. Our work in all aspects of design and manufacture ensures that Middle Kingdom wares are finely crafted and are of the highest quality. We carefully select the finest clays, work with unique glazes and color blends, and design lyrical works that speak to history and modernity. Our seamless interweaving of design and craftsmanship creates a beautifully composed body of work that adds a page in the long story of our chosen medium—earth.

Our Summer 2020 Collection will be available while we work on completing the Fall 2020/Winter 2021 Collection.  We are limiting the offering to only include the base product line.

Please stay safe and healthy while you ENJOY your summer!

The “O” Collection, named for the recessed cup holder, is the latest addition to the product line.